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30 Mar

Hooters Las Vegas

Author: Léa Selley

OK….walked through Hooter’s Casino last night with my bodypainted model. (nothing on but a G-string and shoes) After about 20 minutes and 10 pics with guests, we got thrown out by 6 security guards!! It was AWESOME!!! OMG!! The guests were booing the security!!

I was on a business trip to Las Vegas and staying at Hooters Casino. I had planned to paint Tirrza on Saturday for the Electronic Music Cafe. I had the opportunity to paint with Ragen Mendenhall which came as a surprise. What a fabulous person she is!  After the painting, Tirrza and I traveled up and down the strip taking photos and wound up in the Hooters Casino…..the rest is history!!

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My Grandparents opened the Gomez Club in 1947. I started working there when I was about 6 years old. This is a special place for me.

My cousin Sonia took it over after her Father (Uncle Sonny) passed 3 years ago. Sonia asked me to paint a design on her floor for her. I did it and had Maravilla come from Albuquerque. I body painted her as a Mariachi and she sang for the crowd.

What a great night at the G-Club!!
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