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Woo-Hoo!  My new signature brushes by Mehron have just arrived!
Check out the Mehron website, they should be adding the product info there soon, if you can’t wait, call them up (1-800-332-9955) and place your order over the phone.

I’m on my way to Florida to teach and paint my heart out at FABAIC, I will provide more details soon!


WOW! Amazing how we change and how our work improves over the years. This is Kasey and my first pair of painted jeans about 5 years ago. Notice that there are no folds on the sides of the legs. It’s crazy, but I actually thought they were really cool back then. I did figure out on that first attempt how to get the effect of worn denim.

I think I’ll shave…………….

Mrs. Regalado

On May 12th, I went to Dexter Elementary School to paint faces for Mrs. Regalado’s Kindergarten Class.

What a great treat for their last day of school!

 The 5 girls all wanted butterflies and the boys an assortment of super heroes and skulls.

What a great day!

Class Pictures

Although this was depressing for me, and my students, as I wasn’t able to make my UK tour this May… I did learn alot from this experience.  I got to see and experience things that people only usually see in a movie.  Someone once told me that if tragedies don’t become comedies really quick, you’re in deep trouble!

Face Painting
Roswell New Mexico

On May 7th, I attended a “Walk for Hope” Cancer fundraiser in Roswell, New Mexico. It was a small event with a lot of Cancer survivors and Families that have lost relatives to cancer.

The neatest thing was that I got to paint little children that have survived cancer or are currently undergoing treatment. Some as young as 5 years old. I did this last year for the “Relay for Life” in Roswell and it was a very touching event.

This is Amber, she is 5 years old and is currently undergoing treatment, she was so excited to turn into a puppy that day!

This is Joecelyn she is also 5 years old and is a cancer survivor – I painted her last year at relay for life an she was so excited to get painted again!